Sunday, January 13, 2008

Questions I asked myself today

Today was one of those Sundays when Rachelle worked, meaning Daddy day care for the girls. Here are just a few of the questions I distinctly remember asking myself today.
  • Why do they make toys for children that create more work for the parents than play for the child?
  • Why do we buy these toys?
  • Are all these pieces necessary?
  • Which child wiped the poop on the hand towel?
  • Did said wiping occur before or after yesterday’s guests were here?
  • Which is the best kindergarten for Brielle?
  • How should I balance my time today—getting chores done around the house or playing on the floor with the girls?
  • Should I agree to this sparkly butterfly tattoo Brielle is trying to share with me or take a stand for my manhood while risking making her feel rejected?
  • What time is Rachelle coming home?
  • Does a protein shake with vitamins count as a meal for the kids?
  • Are her feet too cold?
  • Are they too young to help build the fire?
  • Should I wake them up from the nap or enjoy the extended peace?
  • Should I stop reading the story to discuss the pictures and throw in some Spanish, or just get on with it?
  • What is that smell?
  • How much candy have they already had today?
  • Do I need to change what I’m eating/drinking, given that they want some of whatever it is?
  • Do they need a bath?
  • Is that Rachelle calling to say she’s on her way home?
  • Is it warm enough to go outside and play?
  • Who should I put on time out—the one who hit or the one who provoked it, or both?
  • Is silver poisonous?
  • To what extent might the 10-second rule be stretched?
  • Should I listen to something that feeds my soul, or something the kids like?
  • Is this the best way to discipline?
  • How did we ever get all this stuff?
  • Why can’t I have a bigger lap?
  • Could they get any more cute?
  • What time is Rachelle coming home?
  • How many times have I already asked that?
Who says parenting is not mentally stimulating?


Jeremy said...

Hey Stud,
I felt like I was getting a picture of what it felt like to be in your shoes for a few moments. At first I was having the urge to give you the "right" answers to some of your more obvious questions. Then I got into the spirit of letting the questions work and began feeling what's behind the questions.
P.S. I can't resist: Of course you be a man and let her give you the tattoo! :)

Michael J. Bennie said...

Yeah, definitely the right choice. I did manage to negotiate for a star and moon combo rather than the butterfly though. And I nearly bled trying to scrub it off this morning before going into public to lift weights at the gym. Which led to a new question, "What do they make these tattoos with? And why don't they make bandaids from the same stuff?"