Wednesday, July 15, 2009

'Everyone is a baby,' she said

This morning over Cheerios, Brielle was estimating God's age.

"He's a hundred," she said.

"Even older than that, sweet Brie," said I.

"Yeah, He's a thousand."

"Even older than that. Infinity."

"Yeah, He's infinity, 'cause that's the number that you can't count to."

Also at issue this morning, on the other end of the spectrum, was how old we are. I must have started it when I said, "Ashlyn, you're my sweet, good Ashie-baby."

"But I'm not a baby for real life," Ashlyn countered.

"No, you are a big girl. But you are still my baby."

Ashlyn's eyes widened. "Actually, everyone is a baby."


"Yeah! Everyone is a baby. Even you are a baby. Because we are all little--kind of little--and only God is big."

A big thought for a little Ashie-baby. One this Daddy-baby needs to remember.


Heide said...

Since I am rightly a baby still, where is all my baby energy. But I digress. A very deep Ashy. She is right. I wonder if we grow big in Heaven or if we just grow solid like C.S. Lewis suggests in the "Great Divorce".

Juanma said...

Diálogo genial. Tus hijas tienen la imaginación, la inteligencia y la belleza de sus padres. Enhorabuena. Sigo tu blog de vez en cuando. Abrazos y besos para toda la familia desde España de tu amigo de siempre.

Ansku said...

You've got girls with deep insights!

I shared this in my sermon last Sabbath. Thank you for sharing with us the widsdom of the youth.